What is it about?
The fashion industry and the retail sector have been in transition and turmoil for a long time. And no excuse, because we consume and buy more than the earth's carrying capacity. With textile production and especially fast fashion has a huge impact on the pollution of our environment, greenhouse emissions and thus the future of the entire planet. At Alava, we want to offer better options.
Primarily, we encourage you to buy carefully and products that really last. However, if you have to give up the product, we offer a solution for that too with our new Alava Pre-Loved concept. For our part, we want to fight against textile waste, when our planet's carrying capacity can no longer withstand it.
Buy good and considerate - give up responsibly
help the bottom
Why do we have such a difficult situation?
At the time of founding Alava in November 2019, we were blissfully unaware of what the coming years would bring. In the spring of 2020, the pandemic brought the whole world to a standstill, but immediately after came the all-time Finnish tourism summer, which gave many domestic products, services and companies the boost they deserved. It created hope.
However, as the pandemic progressed, the restrictions and fluctuations in the world situation already stretched us almost to the limit and created the basis for great uncertainty. With the Russian invasion, the energy crisis and finally inflation, we are facing new challenges again. As a young company, we haven't had time to grow a solid support leg for times like this, and who could have predicted these, an old or a new entrepreneur.

Why buy from us and support our activities?
We want the manufacturing of clothes to be responsible and ethical - taking nature and human rights into account. We demand transparency from the products we sell and responsibility from the companies. We will need and love clothes in the future as well, and at the latest, now is the time to stop and think about what it took to make them and what kind of life cycle they will have.
We encourage and guide you in the maintenance, care and long life of your clothes. We are a unique retailer of mainly Finnish brands in Lapland. Our selection also includes a few Nordic brands that share our values. We are a company from Kolari, part of the community of Äkäslompolo village. In our field, we represent those slower values, the important and sensitive relationship between man and nature. By buying from Alava, you also support all the Finnish small entrepreneurs that can be found in our selection.

We love creativity and good design and the joy and value they bring to people's lives. There should always be a place for beauty and inspiration.
Financially, however, we are at the very limit and we need help.

So, all the means to use, here they are:

Buy from Alava Support a local Lapland small business and come and shop at the Ylläs store!
Order from Aalava If you have planned to buy a product, order it now! Or take a look and see if you can find something responsible that suits your needs in our wonderful selection.
Sell ​​in Alava Bring us your clothes for sale that it's time to give up, read more about our Pre-Loved concept.
Support Alava Buy one or a few Alava fabric brands, they cost €10/piece. With a fabric marker, you can decorate or repair clothes, accessories or even a backpack! Buy a gift card from us for later purchases or give it as a gift to someone lucky!
Cheers Alava Follow, like and share Alava's social media and tag us on Instagram ! You can also give us a review on Google or Facebook and help us gain visibility 💕