Change Maker
Change Maker

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Change Maker

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The Change Maker candle smells of sweet-flowered rose geranium, mixed with a refreshing petitgrain with a hint of musk patchouli and other essential oils. Together, they form a combination that is both soothing and uplifting.

ESSENTIAL OIL MIXTURE: refreshing + uplifting

Used fragrances 100% essential oils No synthetic fragrances were added

Vegan Handmade Cruelty Free | Paraffin - free Phthalate-free

Net weight Approximately 260 g Estimated burning time about 50 hours

Once the candle is burned, you will find a gem inside that has been hand-picked based on its properties. Allow the wax to cool before removing the stone. The size can vary from 2-3 cm.

Material GMO-free soy wax, pure essential oils, cotton yarn.

About the stone in the candle:

Black onyx powerful warrior stone symbolizes change strengthen intuition It is believed that black onyx can help find inner strength to overcome deep-rooted fears. It can reveal to a person what he or she needs from his or her life and encourage him or her to make changes toward a more meaningful life.

Before delivery, the candles are packed in an organic box made of Paulownia wood.