February is the month of friends!

In February, we want to do good.

2% of Alava's income for the whole of February will be donated to the Finnish Red Cross's Friendship Activities. The sales of both the Äkäslompolo store and our online store are included.

Why do we want to help?

The Corona Year has changed the daily lives of many Finns, and for many it has brought new challenges to everyday life or made even more difficult areas even more difficult.

During social alienation, one major problem is loneliness. We don’t all have a family or necessarily a close circle with whom to get together in a pandemic time to move forward. With the constraints of gathering, the hobbies, gatherings, and regular social events that bring glimpses of light into the daily lives of many people have disappeared from life.

Loneliness is destructive to human well-being. Each of us needs another person to follow, and no single positive relationship can break the cycle of loneliness.

About the Red Cross Friendship

The Red Cross conveys friends where a friend is needed. Educated, volunteer friends of friendship bring joy to a lonely everyday life. Above all, a friend is a listener and a chat buddy.

You can also look for a friend for a loved one. Friends meet each other and spend time in a way that suits them.

With a volunteer friend, you can do anything of both interests, such as going out, having coffee, going to the theater, a concert, or just chatting. A friend can go on a business trip or a doctor, and for a caregiver, a friend can allow the desired respite. Different groups and other organized meeting places are also a good way to meet other people.

You can also be a friend online. Reliable online friend You can have one-on-one, anonymous conversations online, via e-mail, or in chat applications. Web friendship does not look at time or place.

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