Why don't we spend Black Friday.

Here are a couple of reasons.

We are opposed to fast fashion, which generates textile waste more than enough. If a lot of the products are sold at reduced prices, there must be the same amount of sales to replace them in order for the company to be profitable.

We want to encourage you to shop wisely and when it’s relevant to you. We do not want to incite overconsumption and seasonal buying behavior.

Our product range is based on products and brands that don’t go out of date and don’t need discount promotions. Especially now that they've just flown to Alava as new rough.

So what do you pay for when you do business with us?

We have 77 Finnish companies as our partners, and they employ more Finns. Even a product of a domestic brand made abroad usually has the majority of Finnish work.

The cost of Finnish work is notoriously cheap. But it is the fairest to reach the planet. We want to support human work and fair pay.

Our products last time and use. If the garment is made well, of high quality materials; it is profitable to maintain and repairable. We guide and provide these services.

We offer free delivery costs in Finland, if desired, we wrap the gift in a package and in the Ylläs area we even bring the products to the cottage. Buying from us is convenient and safe.

We are a multi-brand house, and we work hard to make sure that the values of the products we choose meet our own. The products for sale are selected months before their delivery and assembling the whole requires a lot of planning. It is an honor for us to offer the best of Finnish fashion under one roof.

The operating models of the brands we represent are united by, among other things, the fact that nothing is produced too much. When everything is calculated and ordered in advance, there is no textile surplus.

We are a Lapland company, based in Kolari. We are proud to contribute to the vitality of our rural area.

We have a distance of 37 kilometers to the Post Office and Matkahuolto. Orders from our online store are picked up from our store by a local courier, while also picking up packages from other companies in our area. He is Tapsa and we are seen almost every day.
Thank you for belonging to you, our customer.

So welcome to continue doing business in our Äkäslompolo store and online store, anytime, in peace.


Wishing me a little slow week,