Finnish sheep wool, Merino wool, Kashmir wool, Alpaca wool!

Wools are combined with good thermal insulation and high moisture absorption. Wool feels dry on the skin even in tight places. You can choose from us the luxurious softness and lightness of Kashmir, the plush warm material of Suomenlampaanwool, or merino wool that has been filed to a technically high quality. thanks to their breathability, they work great for year-round use, especially in the variable weather of the North.

Maintenance of wool is uncomplicated and proper care increases the life of the garment. Instead of repeated and material-consuming washing, the best way to freshen up a woolen sweater is to air it out. But washing wool is not a complicated process either, depending on the knitwear and the manufacturer's instructions, you can wash your woolen clothes gently by hand or in the machine using the wool program. Please remember however, always check the garment-specific care instructions before washing.