Äkäslompolo Magnet
Äkäslompolo Magnet

Äkäslompolon Kyläyhdistys

Äkäslompolo Magnet

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Äkäslompolo magnet.
Diameter 5 cm.

The income will be used for the activities of the Äkäslompolo village association.

The otter is Äkäslompolo's totem animal. At one time, a sled route was planned across the lake, the matter was settled in court for the villagers because of the otters in the area. Even today you can see an otter running on the ice of Äkäslompolo. Sledders are not discriminated against, but they wanted to keep the ice of Äkäslompolo calm.

Äkäslompolo is not a lake but a lompolo, an expansion of the river, even though it is 1.5 x 0.5 km in size.