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Ehkä ensi kesänä kaikki muuttuu

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“I know I have to do something for all this and a little suddenly. But for a while, I want to lie on the balcony and remember my ex-boyfriend. ” This is what a young woman thinks in her apartment, where people scream from Linnanmäki. The point is summer, and it’s time to get over the gap. You have to rise from the bottom of your grief, you have to find a job, you have to fall in love, you have to start a spiral of positivity. But do you have to meet the expectations of outsiders or act on what you want? How do you know what you want? So many questions, and often the most appealing is the observation of the topsoil of houseplants, the texting for lovers, the mixing of a plaster dip and the lying position on the balcony of an affordable rental apartment.