Isoäiti - Anna muistojesi puhua

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Isoäiti - Anna muistojesi puhua

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Book in finnish!

What was forbidden you did as a child? Has your worldview changed since you were a teenager? What was your first summer job or internship? What has been the best decision of your life? Has there been a character or “black sheep” in your family?

Let your memories speak collects your beloved important memories and stories into a precious book. Clear and inspiring questions help you remember and record different stages of life. There are questions that also lead to new story paths: topics that children or grandchildren have not been able to ask before or that the grandfather has not yet invented yet.

The questions in the book are designed to take into account different perceptions of things like family, work, equality, time, and nature. Once your loved one has completed the book, he or she can give it back to you.

Author: Anna Salonen