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Northwest 1

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Luode number 1 

Luode is a new nature magazine that is produced in Kilpisjärvi, in the middle of Finland's great fells and nature. Inspired by the long, cold and snowy winter in the North, the first issue of Luode magazine focuses on winter, its beauty, with a touch of realism. Three magazines will be published in 2023; spring-summer, autumn-summer and winter issue.

Texts: Mira Karppinen, Heidi Mäki-Hakola, Eeva Mäkinen, Kimmo Ohtonen, Erno Saukko, Marika Varpenius

112 pages, 430g, thickness 9mm, magazine size 210x275.

"The cold is quickly biting the bare parts of my face. I cover them with my gloves and go back to the tent. Torbjørn seems to be still sleeping. I sit with my clothes on for a long time and an unpleasant feeling overwhelms me. What the hell am I doing here? Why am I not just an ordinary person who wants to live an easy life?

600 km, Mira Karppinen, skiing across the Finnish Alps

"We have lived here for generations, so there is local knowledge. Traditions too. Few have anymore. The movements of birds are also known. Pulmus usually arrive in the spring and continue their journey, but that information is just for fun. A squirrel has also been seen here sometimes, but no one knows why it got lost here. There aren't even conifers here, and there's hardly any squirrels for food."


Traditions, being interviewed by Markus Mannela, Keinovuopio/Kilpisjärvi

"Dogs have come to this family purely because of the children's wishes. About 25 years ago, the family ended up watching dog sledding competitions in Kuhmo's Lentiira. After the competitions, the other child in the family said that when he turns 15 and goes to boarding school, he wants a dog, a Siberian husky, as a present. Jussi's opinion as a dog allergy was clear; NO. Now there are 32 dogs in Jussi and Marjo's shelter, the sixth generation of dogs."

Continued. The interviewee J ussi, Marjo and Mira Pietikäinen, Icesmile's Siberian Huskies, Ristijärvi


"The whirring of the search helicopter repeatedly above us, sometimes getting stronger, sometimes getting weaker. hovering over it longer." 

Missing, Heidi Mäki-Hakola


"In the middle of winter, it feels like the color world is a continuous sunset. It never rises. After mid-January, the balloon agrees to show itself for about 5 minutes . In honor of that, I drink coffee outside. Five times that my head freezes." 

Kaamos, Marika Varpenius / Eeva Mäkinen

"Humans have a natural tendency know how to explain things afterwards in the best possible way. Still, the power of nature manifests itself in the fact that sometimes words are not enough, and there is nothing else to do but go into the forest. The forest has understandably become a trend, a counterbalance to the chaos of life; a place to escape from the hustle and bustle of the big city, peak years, pandemics, wars and human life boredom." 

Trees around us, Kimmo Ohtonen

"In these times fishing starts to get emotional" 

Hunger, Erno Saukko