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Pizza passion

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Pizza passion is a comprehensive guide to the world of pizzas written by Luca and Salla-Maria Platania. From the book lheydyou have the exact Relaxed instructions for baking pizza at home. The first part of the book is dedicated to short theory and dough. The theory part explains, among other things, why it is good to pay attention to the ingredients of pizza. In the dough section, you will get to know new types of dough, all of which are suitable for baking in the home oven. In the latter part, we will delve into Luca's imaginative pizza recipes, which offer a challenge even to a more experienced cook.

Pizza passion is aimed at pizza lovers who are willing to follow the instructions thoroughly and put their patience to the test. However, the book offers a real dose of inspirationhes for those who have a more relaxed approach to pizzas. The book broadens the reader's imagination about pizza and baking. It sparks a discussion about the fact that pizza is not "i nähty", but offers a wonderful base myhes for the expression of cooking skills.

Luca and Salla-Maria Platania are an Italian-Finnish couple who have been focusing on influencing how pizza is viewed in Finland for ten years. Among other things, they brought the Roman pizza al taglio to Finland in 2012. Since then, the Platanias have been involved in many things, but their love for pizza has only grown stronger over the years. Luca and Salla-Maria were also involved in making Pizzas - success book.