Hyvän mielen koti


Hyvän mielen koti

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Book in finnish! What makes a home a place where you feel good?

With this book, you can create your own good-natured home. The book doesn’t just look at the home as a physical place to look for the right kind of wallpaper or plush couch, but it looks closely at how the home as a space serves your needs and what kind of atmosphere it creates. For example, the book looks at details that reinforce a sense of significance and places that allow oneself to do things that are pleasing to oneself, such as nurturing enriching relationships. In the example stories, you get a peek into both the relaxing feeling of being at home and the somek home that is open to the eyes of others. You will also get perspectives on the importance of your own space and creating the rules of the game at home, as well as recipes to create the mood you want for everyday life by addressing different senses.

The book is well suited both for supporting home tuning and for situations where you are looking for a new direction in your life, for example by browsing home advertisements. A home with a good mood will help you find your place in the world and understand who you really are. It leads to questioning your accustomed thinking patterns and listening to your deeper needs.

The atmospheric pictures in the book were taken by photographer Krista Keltanen.

Maaretta Tukiainen has written 14 books on the functioning and creativity of the human mind. He lives in an old wooden villa with his partner and two dogs in Tapanila, Helsinki, and has planted a magnolia tree in his garden last summer. His favorite place is where he is at any given time, as long as a notebook and pen are included. He believes that self-knowledge and recognizing our own needs will help make the home a meaningful place where we can do well.