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Sanotaan, että matka on tärkeämpi kuin määränpää ja paremmin ei voisi pyöräilyä kuvailla. Bikepacking on kirja, jonka avulla voit innostua seikkailunhaluisesta elämästä pyöräillen.

Kirja englanniksi! Book in english!

They say that what matters is the journey and not the destination, and that couldn’t be more accurate when it comes to bicycle touring. Pack your bag! Taking the roads less traveled, Bikepacking explores surroundings every pedal of the way whilst embracing the freedom nature offers. Long-distance cycling is more than a method of transportation, it’s a vibrant traveling philosophy.

 Bikepacking is the publication to discover the adventurous spirit of life on two wheels. Exploring journeys in different regions around the world, introducing the people and culture around it, and giving you the lowdown of all the tips and tricks, this book presents the insights and inspiration to plan your expeditions. Whether beginner or experienced, this is a journey for everyone to enjoy.