Happy Homes - Summer Cottages

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Happy Homes - Summer Cottages

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Texts: Jonna Kivilahti
Photography: Krista Keltanen
Layout design: Päivi Häikiö

Language: English

The most alluring summer homes gathered between two covers. Happy Homes Summer Houses offers a glimpse into slow days together in stunning natural settings, providing plenty of inspiration in one stylish packet. The sixth volume in the popular Happy Homes book series by team Kivilahti and Keltanen serves an intriguing roundup of Finnish summer homes. Previous books in the Happy Homes series include Hideaways (2017), Christmas (2017), Creative (2018), White Walls (2020) and Merry Christmas (2020).

Jonna Kivilahti is an interior journalist, designer and stylist, who has been writing for Finnish magazines for over 25 years. She has been running her Mrs Jones blog for nine years. Krista Keltanen is a renowned photographer with a career spanning more than fifteen years. Her specialties include atmospheric interior, portrait and advertising photography.As a team, Kivilahti and Keltanen create interior features for Finnish and international magazines as well as advertising campaigns for Finnish brands. They share their knowledge in composition, styling and photography at their KivilahtiKeltanen Workshops.