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Thank you for helping Alava! <3

Thank you for helping Alava! We opened up about our difficult situation at the end of April, which reflects well the general challenges of the world situation at the moment. Orders, buyers, supporters and fans found our online store and the Ylläs store just wonderfully, we are really grateful and happy for this. As an entrepreneur, it was mentally important to speak openly about the matter and state that even though we are dealing with fashion and beautiful, happy things, our activities are also resilience and tolerance of uncertainty. Beautiful, carefully and sustainably manufactured products earn their due with hard work and swimming against the current. We must dare to act differently so that these things get the role they...

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What is it about? The fashion industry and the retail sector have been in transition and turmoil for a long time. And no excuse, because we consume and buy more than the earth's carrying capacity. With textile production and especially fast fashion has a huge impact on the pollution of our environment, greenhouse emissions and thus the future of the entire planet. At Alava, we want to offer better options. Primarily, we encourage you to buy carefully and products that really last. However, if you have to give up the product, we offer a solution for that too with our new Alava Pre-Loved concept. For our part, we want to fight against textile waste, when our planet's carrying capacity can...

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Spring MARKET will be here soon! 🌸🌿

May's greatest event KevätMARKET is here soon!  Every spring and popular KevätMARKET will be organized together this year on May 12-13, 2023 our neighbor Snow-Mariwith in the Jouni Shopping Centre. With the spring cleaning, we are selling gems from our warehouse at SALE prices, and now there is also a new ALAVA PRE-LOVED section on site. Event only in brick-and-mortar stores. See you Fri 10-17 & Sat 10-15 

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ALAVA PRE-LOVED coming soon ✨

ALAVA PRE-LOVED coming soon ✨Do you have clothes left in your closet that for one reason or another have not been used much? Bring them to us and we will sell them for you! We will open a PRE-LOVED section at the popular KevätMARKET, where we collect gems of Finnish brands' clothes for sale in search of a new loving home.You can leave setting the the price to us or we can figure it out it together for each product. We will handle the displaying and, of course, sales. The commission for the sale of the products is 50% of the agreed price.For sale, we accept clothes and accessories in good condition that still have resale value. We do not...

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