About us

Alava is an Arctic fashion and lifestyle boutique founded in 2019 in Äkäslompolo on the lowlands of the fells, with sustainable and wild-cultured values. From us you will find Finnish carefully selected brands as well as Lappish products.

Within the fells and next to the national park, environmental values are a natural part of our daily lives in Äkäslompolo. In addition to respecting nature, our products are combined with beauty, function, quality and durability. The materials and craftmanship are common focuses on our products existence.

Jenni Alava, originally from Rovaniemi, has a long and diverse career in the fashion and trade industry, as well as a lifelong passion for making at hand. Eventually, his path led to the establishment of Alava Shop in Äkäslompolo. The store combines the aesthetic-hungry attitude of life of a fashion designer who graduated from Middlesex University in London with the freshness of Lapland. The natural beauty surrounding from above, the eight seasons and the cleanest air in the world are naturally the sources of inspiration for the store and the concept.

Photo: Satu Renko, Kuukkeli newspaper

We offer a holistic experience, the opportunity to get into adventure and fall in love. The selection includes products that appeal to their aesthetics, ethics and stories. In addition to the classics, our product range is constantly updated. Whether you are looking for a gift, a gift, a pampering or an item for yourself, it is always possible to be surprised again when you visit, to discover new treasures. Products that become credit partners and create new, cherished memories even after years of use.

Welcome to feel on the spot or order a piece of Alava through our online store!

Photo: Jani Kärppä / Kota Collective