Ylläs Jazz Blues 2023

Ylläs Jazz Blues 2023

A traditional music festival in the embrace of the fell now already for the 26th time! Come to Äkäslompolo to enjoy live music, the magic of winter in the heart, the wonderful nature of Ylläs and the warm festival atmosphere. Reserve tickets for your favorite gigs now! See you in January! Advance tickets for the festival held on January 26-29, 2023 are sold in the Alava Shop online store. Various ticket packages, Äkäshotelli concert nights and the Master YJB 2023 pass are on sale in advance.

You can buy tickets that are not on advance sale at the YJB festival office in the Jouni shopping center (Tunturintie 16, Äkäslompolo) from Wednesday 25 January 2023.

Ticket reservations for Ravintola Poro's Show & Dinner concert and Ravintola Rouhe's Brunch concerts are made directly at the restaurants.

Get to know the performers and the program on the website: YLLÄS JAZZ BLUES 2023: www.yllasjazzblues.fi/esiintyjat


  • Alava Shop works as a partner for the Ylläs Jazz Blues 2023 festival, acting as an intermediary for advance ticket sales. All proceeds from ticket sales go directly to the Ylläs Jazz Blues event.
  • Please note that you cannot use Alava Shop, campaigns, discount codes or gift cards to buy Ylläs Jazz Blues products.
  • You can find more information about ticket delivery and reservation conditions under each ticket product.

Contact information:

  • Alava Shop, info@alavashop.com, and customer service at 0407081226 during our store's opening hours help with online store operation and technical support.
  • For questions about tickets and the festival, please email: tickets@yllasjazzblues.fi

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