Be Here Now
Be Here Now

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Be Here Now

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This candle is the perfect mood enhancer. It is scented with essential peppermint oil, which is. known for its refreshing effect. The candle also has a lively sweet orange mixed with cedar and other wonderful essential oils.

ESSENTIAL OIL MIXTURE: uplifting + energizing

Used fragrances 100% essential oils No synthetic fragrances were added

Vegan Handmade Cruelty Free | Paraffin - free Phthalate-free

Net weight Approximately 260 g Estimated burning time about 50 hours

Once the candle is burned, you will find a gem inside that has been hand-picked based on its properties. Allow the wax to cool before removing the stone. The size can vary from 2-3 cm.

Material GMO-free soy wax, pure essential oils, cotton yarn.

About the stone in the candle:

Amethyst strengthens intuition eliminates toxic emotions

Amethyst is one of the most popular and sought after crystals in the world. This soothing stone will help you calm your mind, which can help with sleeping, meditation.

Before delivery, the candles are packed in an organic box made of Paulownia wood.