Reindeer Skin Gloves
Reindeer Skin Gloves
Reindeer Skin Gloves
Reindeer Skin Gloves
Reindeer Skin Gloves


Reindeer Skin Gloves

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Gloves made from genuine materials keep the cold hands warm. Tight and tough reindeer skin protects against wind and moisture. It doesn't shrink even in the cold, but remains flexible in use.

Katijuu products are designed and manufactured in the atelier in Juotas, Rovaniemi.

Cover: Reindeer skin and suede from a reindeer farm in Rovaniemi
Lining material: Polyesterteddy

Glove dimensions:
 Width at the palm in size S 11cm, in size M 11.5cm. In size L 12.5cm.
Length from wrist to fingertips in size S 19.5cm, in size M 21 cm. In size L cm 21.5cm. 

Product care and storage: Leather accessories like use and outdoor air. The reindeer leather is already protected against moisture and dirt at the factory. You can try to remove small fresh stains from the leather with a soft cloth moistened with marseille soap or a sponge carefully. The leather product is not water washable, if necessary it can be cleaned in a special laundromat. If your accessory has gotten wet in the rain, dry it in air, not on a radiator. The fur can be lightly brushed if it has flattened. You can use a leather grease containing beeswax to treat the surface of the leather if necessary. You can also use leather sprays use to increase moisture and dirt protection if necessary, sprays are also suitable for suede.