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Northwest 3

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Northwest number 3

Number 3 smells like autumn! In addition to beautiful autumn hikes, brilliant colors and rain, the magazine reflects on nature and natural animals. At the same time, we get a glimpse of autumn's bitterly cool nights, fading colors and wonderful peace that can be found in quieter places, such as Tuntsa or Sarek.

In the autumn issue of Luode magazine, we enjoy the colors of the autumn, the frosty earth and learn about the nuances of vertical ears. We also go to Nuorgam to interview a woman who decided to move from Lahti to the northernmost corner of Finland to a very old and personal house. Kimmo Ohtonen's bear article takes us to the eastern border in Vartius and we also admire life on a birding board.

Authors: Markus Atula, Mira Karppinen, Lotta Kovaljeff, Heidi Mäki-Hakola, Eeva Mäkinen, Kimmo Ohtonen, Terhi Tuovinen, Marika Varpenius

112 pages, 11 long articles, 430g, thickness 9mm. Appears three times a year. Published by Luode Stories Oy.