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Hay farm Sea A'hoy Hat is knitted by hand in the world's Knit capital, at Pöytä, on the knitting needles of Myssy mummies, 100% wool from Finnish sheep. The product is hand-dyed and due to the dyeing process, the colors may vary slightly from batch to batch.

The sea is visible!

This is our nautical collection for those who always find themselves longing for the sea - or the fields. Here on the maritime Pöytä, the open fields are like the open sea. While someone's soul rests on the ulapa, for us open fields are a landscape of the soul. Both create a similar sense of insane space. The feeling of belonging is even stronger, this is my sea.

Just like in the archipelago, the horizon is visible, but the boat is surrounded by nothingness. The old fire station in the table is like a lighthouse and the massive grain silos like a barren island in the middle of the sea. So we set off by water le.

The material of the hats is 100% wool from Finnish sheep. The wool comes from Finnish sheep farms and is spun and washed in Finland. The threads are dyed by hand at Myssy's headquarters.

All Myssy products are knitted by local retired ladies, or Myssy grandmothers. You can check on your own Myssy who made it has knitted and thus know the story of its maker!

Product size M / One Size fits most of our customers (54cm-59cm). Wool is a flexible material, thanks to which Myssy adapts to the size of its wearer's head in a few weeks.

When new, the Hat should be a bit snug.

Hats are, however, unique; although every Hatsmommo has a size classification table, not all Hats are the same size, but there may be slight variations.