Super good for the mind


Super good for the mind

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The expert and inspiring book offers easy and everyday advice for the benefit of mind and body.

How to eat when resources are low? What kind of diet supports memory function?

A well-known nutritionist talks about the many connections between diet, food relationship, intestines and mental health. Healthy eating includes more than nutrients and diets. Our well-being is affected, for example, by whether we think foods will make us sick or make us fat. The book helps the reader to also think about his own relationship with food and make better choices.

The work, based on the latest research, is a sequel to the popular works Superhyvää for the gut and Superhyvää keholle.

The author Leena Putkonen (b. 1983) is a nutritionist specializing in stomach and intestinal problems and has a master's degree in health science. He is the first Finn to be trained in the FODMAP diet at King's College in London and at Monash University in Melbourne, Australia.