Style speech book
Style speech book
Style speech book


Style speech book

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A printed publication that offers a soft experience and aesthetic pleasure as inspiration for everyone's own style journey. You're allowed to be stylish!

The first Style Talk Edition is available i 180 pages full of ideas and things to admire:

  • 2 style stories that tell about the journeys of inspiring influencers towards their own style in life and clothing.

  • 3 women from Tampere, 3 unique styles. We visited women's homes and styled them with the treasures of their own wardrobes.

  • A 10-step comprehensive and concrete, perhaps even complete guide to knowing your own style.

  • 2 passionate entrepreneurs specializing in sustainable style services, and their stories towards everyday life that looks and feels like your own.

  • 1 therapist's expert interview that makes you understand the connection between style and self-image.

  • 2 in 1 - when you buy Tyylpuhetta Painos, you get it fresh from the oven uniform thinking online course. The value of the online course is €18.60.

  • And much more typical of Tyylpuhetta: visually attractive and thought-provoking.


Tyylpuhetta Painos is printed on eco-certified Munken Polar paper in a domestic printing house, Kaarina.