Clothes brush, CP6
Clothes brush, CP6

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Clothes brush, CP6

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A clothes brush can replace a sticker roll, extend the washing interval of clothes and prevent pilling. It removes dust, hair, loose lint and dried stains from clothes and other textiles. If well maintained, the Kent clothes brush will last for decades.

The Kent CP6 clothes brush is the best thing you can get for caring for knits. With the CP6 clothes brush you can clean and gently maintain even the finest merino and cashmere wool knits. The CP6 clothes brush is also suitable for the care of mixed mohair knits and is often enough on its own to smooth the surface of a mohair knit , in which case an actual mohair brush is not needed.

Thanks to its gentleness, the CP6 is a good first brush, as it can be used versatilely for other materials as well. Dust removal can be enhanced by spraying the surface to be treated water before brushing.

The clothes brush is cleaned with the cleaning comb intended for it. Cleaning preserves the effectiveness of the brush and prevents the transfer of different colored fibers from one garment to another.