Clothing care

We sell products with the longest possible life cycle and we want to encourage the maintenance of clothing and accessories. In principle, a high-quality product is possible to maintain in terms of material and properties, and thus, with the right kind of maintenance, it takes time and a lot of use, and does not end up as waste prematurely to add to the world's ever-growing textile waste problem.
Different materials require different care and have different properties for different uses. However, it is important that the purchased clothes are used and when buying the product, it is a good idea to make sure that the purchase is a final addition to your own wardrobe.
Here are care instructions and usage notes for the different materials sold at Alava. However, keep in mind that the washcloth on each garment tells you exactly the care instructions for that product, different brands may use different techniques and designs at the manufacturing stage which again affects the use, care and washing of the product.
Cashmere and merino wool are fine materials, but properly cared for, they will last for years even in active use. The knit may fluff over time, especially at the beginning of use. The pile is easy to remove from the knit without damaging it with a wool comb. Kashmir and merino don’t need constant washing, but aeration is the best way to keep your knit fresh. 

Care instructions

  • Comb knit if necessary, removing lint
  • Steam after combing
  • Let the knit rest from time to time, don’t wear the same knit all the time
  • Ventilate the sweater as often as possible in fresh air
  • Keep the knit trimmed 

Washing instructions

  • You can wash Arela knit by hand or machine with a wool washing program
  • Please use a wool detergent
  • Wash the knit in cold water
  • Put the knit for washing in the wash bag to protect the knit
  • Do not use spin or machine dry
  • After washing, wrap the knit in a towel and squeeze out plenty of moisture
  • Place the knit to air dry horizontally
  • Steam knit

You can find our range of clothing care accessories here:

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