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Wool comb

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The wool comb is especially a savior for cashmere knits, but it also works versatilely for other wool knits and woolen fabrics, removing lint and loose wool from the surface of the knit.

When removing lint, you should start with a clothes brush, because a clothes brush is always a gentler tool than a lint brush. The best brush for woolen knits is KNOWS. CP6. Brushing alone is often enough to smooth the surface of the material and remove most of the lint, but a lint comb is often necessary to complete the maintenance of the garment.

When brushing and combing knitwear, be moderate and remember that all the fibers coming off the material are always away from the thickness, fluffiness and warmth of the material.


For example, it is recommended to spread knitted clothes on top of a firm pillow during lint removal. The best substrate for wool fabric blankets is an ironing board. The base, which gives a bit of stretch, helps to keep the garment in place.

The garment is supported with one hand and with the other hand the material is combed according to its texture - usually from top to bottom. The pressure is gradually increased until the lint comes off. Combing too gently is not enough to remove the fluff. For example, a cashmere knit may require more pressure than a smooth merino wool knit. If you are unsure about the suitability of the wool comb for the material, you should first try the comb on the wrong side of the garment.

Material: Wood
Made in East China in the city of Yiwu

More information about clothing maintenance: