Innocent  body oil cake
Innocent  body oil cake


Innocent body oil cake

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Innocent body oil cake is made from 100% natural ingredients that bring luxury moments to your life and everyday life. They care for and nourish your skin, making it wonderfully soft and supple. Jojoba wax protects against external stresses and binds moisture to the skin. Apricot kernel oil and oatmeal soften and care for the skin. Rich cocoa butter nourishes dry skin. Domestic barley starch makes the composition velvety and leaves a matte surface on the skin.

No fragrances have been added to this body oil cake, so it is also particularly suitable for fragrance-sensitive, children and babies. Regular use of a body oil cake can reduce pregnancy scars and prevent them from forming, as well as relieve itching due to dryness.


Rub the body cake between your warm hands or directly on your skin. The heat of the skin makes the cake soften and releases caring oil. For best results, use the cake immediately after the shower on towel-dry skin. When used in this way, it spreads well on the skin and binds a multiple amount of moisture. The cake is very rich, so a very small amount is enough. Allow the oil to soak into the skin for a while before going to bed or going to bed.