Delicate - Laundry detergent for wool and silk
Delicate - Laundry detergent for wool and silk

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Delicate - Laundry detergent for wool and silk

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Delicate laundry detergent has been specially developed for delicate fabrics such as wool and silk. It is enzyme-free and contains lanolin oil, which conditions and protects the fibers, making them softer and giving them extra shine.

When washing wool, silk or other delicate materials, you need a particularly gentle detergent, in which the active ingredients are surfactants, not enzymes. Enzymes are specially made to break down and dissolve protein-based dirt (organic stains, food, sweat, make-up, etc.).

Wool and silk are protein fibers. By washing with enzymes, you break the structure of the garment in just a couple of washes.

Made in a climate-neutral factory in Vadstena, Sweden

Additional information:

750 ml
Does not contain dyes, zeolites or phosphates
Highly concentrated, enough for up to 12-25 washes.

Protects and cares for delicate materials such as wool and silk
Ideal for hand washing
Scented with rose and musk