Lint Brush - Lint brush
Lint Brush - Lint brush
Lint Brush - Lint brush

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Lint Brush - Lint brush

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Everyday life leaves marks on your clothes. This lint brush is a durable alternative to the old tape roll -  keeping your clothes and furniture free of hair, dust, lint and dander.

The bristles are made of polyester fabric, where all the small bristles are directed in the same direction. Thus, when moving the brush against the direction of the bristles, the bristles lift and grab the lint, hair and loose material. Clean the brush by rotating the handle 2-3 times. Empty the container by pressing the lid on top of the brush.

Great for pet owners
Does not leave traces of glue (like Velcro rolls do)
Gentle and effective for all fabrics
Lightweight - ideal to take with you on a weekend or business trip