Ultrafine Merino long sleeve
Ultrafine Merino long sleeve
Ultrafine Merino long sleeve
Ultrafine Merino long sleeve

Formal Friday

Ultrafine Merino long sleeve

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Formal Friday's next-level long-sleeve merino wool t-shirt developed over years. Clean design for versatile use, unmatched durability thanks to high knitting density spinning technology, incredibly smooth, non-itchy knit.

If you want one t-shirt that you want to wear with everything and everywhere, this is it. Instant comfort as soon as you put it on. The routines of your active life suddenly become enjoyable. You save time and increase utilization. The user experience is optimized not only for the user, but also for the planet.

The naturally innovative fabric is 100% natural and 100% biodegradable, harmless to you and the environment. The timeless straight model, relaxed fit and deep color make it relevant today and in the next decade. It's an investment that, taking care of, will give you a long-lasting credit shirt.

Material information:

100% ultrafine merino wool
Weight 195g/m2


Product size table in centimeters, measured evenly from the table. Compare these measurements to your own t-shirt.

Depending on the washing program, the product may shrink up to one size during the first wash. Shrinkage is normal in 100% merino wool products. We have decided to use as few resins and strong chemicals as possible, such as chlorine, which change the physical and chemical structure of the wool fiber. These processes remove some of the shrinkage, but are not only dangerous to the environment and the user, but also degrade the product. With this production-related decision, we can offer you the most natural and safe product possible.

If you are between sizes, we recommend a larger size. See the care instructions supplied with the garment before the first wash.

A. Shoulder width 44 45
46 47
B. Chest Width
C. Waist Width
45,5 47,5 49,5 51,5 53,5 55,5 57,5
D. Back Length 65 67
E. Sleeve length from neck 81,5 83,5



- High density spinning. The FORMAL FRIDAY® manufacturing process ensures very high strength and comfort. The ultra-fine fiber is spun into 1/038NM yarn using the latest textile technology, which gives a surface that prevents pollution.

- Heat control. Unlike synthetic materials, merino wool is an active fiber that responds to changes in body temperature, helping you stay warm in cold climates and cool in hot weather.

- Soft feel. The ultra-fine 17.50 micron fiber is very fine, so it can bend much more than coarser wool. This feature makes a super fine merino wool t-shirt feel soft and luxuriously gentle on your skin.

- Moisture wicking. Merino absorbs water molecules and draws moisture away from the skin, into the merino fiber itself, where it can evaporate without the fabric feeling damp.

- Quick drying. Very fine merino wool dries almost as fast as quick drying synthetics and much faster than cotton. After sweating or washing, the product is immediately ready for use.

- Antibacterial. Merino's complex due to its structure, it is inherently antiba steric and antimicrobial. The fabric prevents the growth of micro-organisms, making the t-shirt odor resistant, which means much less washing.

- Low environmental impact. The FORMAL FRIDAY® t-shirt is 100% natural and 100% biodegradable. Our production process uses as few harsh chemicals as chlorine, making it safe for the wearer and the planet.

- Easy care. At a microscopic level, each ultra-fine wool fiber is like a coil spring that returns to its natural shape after bending. This gives the garment natural resistance to wrinkles and saves time on ironing.

- Travel friendly. Merino has a natural wool barrier that helps prevent stains from being absorbed. This antibacterial properties also makes it perfect for minimalist living and travel.

- Breathable. Merino wool is one of the most breathable fibers in the world. The very fine merino fibers absorb large amounts of moisture vapor and move it away to evaporate into the air.