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Mug workshop in Alava 13.2 at 5. Register!

Mukipaja Piia Keto has been designing surfaces for more than ten years. His handprint can be seen in Arabian dishes as well as in the look of Kalevala Koru, in the patterns of Aarre children's clothing, in Helsinki Central Library's Oodi and on the shelves of grocery stores. Piia's customers can be found both domestically and around the world. The mug workshop is a concept created by Piia for decorating ready-made dishes with the help of decals. It is a technology that works for everyone. The people of Mukipaja have plenty of Piia Illustrations at their disposal, which can conjure up wonderful results. “The mug workshop was really relaxing! The concept is fun because you get experiences of success even if you don’t...

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Finnish sheep woolMerino woolCashmere woolAlpaca woolThe villas are combined with good thermal insulation and high moisture absorption. The wool feels dry on the skin even in a tight place. You can choose from us the luxurious softness and lightness of Kashmir, the plush warm local material of Finnish sheep wool or merino wool filed to a technically high quality. Thanks to the wool's breathability, they work great for year-round use, especially in the changing weather in the North.The maintenance of the wool is straightforward and the right kind of care increases the life of the garment. Instead of repeated and material-consuming washing, ventilating the wool knit is best refreshed. But washing wool isn’t a complicated process either, depending on the...

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Merry Christmas!

A beautiful and peaceful Christmas.Hopes: Alava outfitPS. If the gift came with a rush and you still want to get the gift you want, buy a gift card in our online store!

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