Thank you for helping Alava! <3

Thank you for helping Alava! ❤️
We opened up about our difficult situation at the end of April, which reflects well the general challenges of the world situation at the moment. Orders, buyers, supporters and fans found our online store and the Ylläs store just wonderfully, we are really grateful and happy for this.
As an entrepreneur, it was mentally important to speak openly about the matter and state that even though we are dealing with fashion and beautiful, happy things, our activities are also resilience and tolerance of uncertainty.
Beautiful, carefully and sustainably manufactured products earn their due with hard work and swimming against the current. We must dare to act differently so that these things get the role they deserve in the world. Credit to responsible factors and entrepreneurs. Thank you for helping us in this mission.
The campaign sparked really good discussions, from which we also received a lot of important information from you, the customers. Alava was thanked for the great customer service, the unique and wonderful selection, the fast delivery in the online store and the beautiful store and packaging. These issues are really close to our heart, which we will emphasize in our actions, especially in the future. We love wonderful encounters and serving our customers brilliantly, that's the reason for our brick-and-mortar store to exist, an idea that we also cultivate in our online store outside of Äkäslompolo.
The work continues. We got clean and some bills paid thanks to the campaign. But there is still a lot of hard work and activity ahead of us to make our operations sustainable. So that's what's coming, stay tuned! ❤
Ps. In Ylläki 12.-13.5 KevätMARKET together with our neighbor Lumi-Mar. Also follow our online store, there is also a small mid-spring campaign coming. 🌸